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List of BuildingsEdit

Icon Name Base Cost (Goomies) Base GpS Upgrades Available
Cursor 10
Youngster 50
Icon no image
Reserve 200
Icon no image
Daycare 1,500
Icon no image
Goopy Fountain 8,000
Icon no image
Breeding Ground 36,000
Icon no image
Enslaved Arceus 150,000
Icon no image
Cloning Lab 999,999
Icon no image
Repopulated Planet 5,256,000
Icon no image
RNG Abuser 33,554,432
Icon no image
Photon Collider 246,913,578
  • Note that buildings from Reserve through to Photon Collider currently have a no image picture, this is just a place holder until the real images come out

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Goomies are money in this case